Have fun with your loved ones from the comfort of your home.

Game Night keeps you and your friends, family or even colleagues entertained with games like charades, last letter and lip reading.
All you need is your phone and some game spirit.

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What is Game Night?

Game Night is a video calling app designed around playing games such as Charades with loved ones.

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Game Night has a wide selection of games. More to be added soon!
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Act out words and phrases assigned to you whilst your friends try to guess the word!

Lip Reading

Mouth words and let your friends guess what you're saying!

Last Letter

Think of words or phrases on the spot that start with the last letter of the previous word said! Be careful though — they must be of the same category!

Story Teller

Narrate a story with your friends but keep in mind — each of you only get a few seconds to add your part to the complete story!


Want to play your own game? Game Night allows you to do so by choosing random players and setting a round limit, giving you the freedom to play whatever game you like!

Most Likely To

This party classic never disappoints — vote on who's most likely to do different things!


To request an email to reset your password, click the 'reset password' button in the Game Night app, or follow this link.
If you have any more questions, please get in touch via email!
Game Night costs money to develop and maintain. Ads are an unintrusive way to fund the app! You can remove ads with an in app purchase (coming soon!).
You can find Game Night's privacy policy over here.
At the moment, Game Night supports up to 4 people in a call. Support for more people is coming soon!
Please get in touch via email with details of your call (call code and time) to get more help. Please note that we will not have access to call so please take screenshots where necessary.

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